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E komo mai

Dr. Randy Ressler and his staff welcome you to Hawaii Biological Dentistry. We are located in beautiful Kailua Kona, Hawaii, just a block and a half from Kailua Bay on Hualalai Road in the Hualalai Medical Center.

Pathway to Paperless

We are in the process of going paperless€¯. New patients can provide us  with their registration information prior to their initial appointment by clicking here. Existing patients can request a login by clicking here. The information is transferred directly to your paperless chart. If  your information hasn’t been updated prior to your appointment, you will be asked to provide current information using an iPad when you arrive at our office. If you find an iPad to be daunting, intimidating or too  impersonal, one of our staff will sit beside you and enter the information for you.

Existing paper charts are being scanned and shredded (and composted!).  Non-digital X-rays are being scanned and securely destroyed.

We have several big filing cabinets that will be empty soon. Inquire, if you are interested

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